Covid-19 & Where We Go From Here

It goes without saying, 2020 did NOT go as we had planned or hoped. A lot of heartache, frustration, loneliness, and overall some of the most difficult times for many. As we reflect on the year, it is hard to find those moments of light in all of the darkness, with losing family and friends, many businesses closed, events postponed, and endless worry, debates, and frustration – but for many, there were some bright points, even if outweighed. That is our mantra as of late; focus on the bright spots going forward, and find the positives of the past to magnify, and also pivot as best you can from the set-backs.

Going forward, as we see a glimmer of hope, we are making the adjustments needed to follow-through with the events that were postponed, and to the newly booked weddings for 2021 and 2022. We will implement extra cleaning procedures, require staff to follow all current mandates, and do our part to follow state and venue rules to help keep everyone safe and healthy in this ever-changing world we are currently navigating.

Although we have a lot of hope, we are all proceeding with caution, so we have put together a few notes on where we can go from here if changes or adjustments are needed, ideas on complying with possible future restrictions, small event and dual event packages, and what services we offer to help make your big day a success – even if tweaks are needed. Not to mention, we are officially introducing our newest teardrop trailer upgrade for drop-off services for self-serve bars or a fun add-on with our bartending services – customized with taps for self-serve beverages of all kinds.

Below you will find a general list of ideas going forward should we face continued regulations, updates on our service packages, and we are officially introducing our newest upgrade for drop-off services for self-serve bars or a fun add-on with our bartending services.


Wedding Shifts: On a call with a bride, we were brainstorming ideas on what we could do if mandates were still in place limiting the amount of guests could be in attendance, and we thought of an idea! Wedding Shifts.

 Mike Fiechtner Photography

What is a “wedding shift” you ask? Well, the couple has a large family and didn’t feel right uninviting certain guests, but still wanted to comply for everyone’s safety and also possible future mandates. So they created a timeline where everyone has a “shift” in a sense by staggering arrival and departure times. They divided the wedding into three sections; ceremony/dinner, cocktail hour, and late-night socializing. Where they invited their closest family and friends to partake in the ceremony followed by dinner, toasts, and important traditions – then they left. Had time to have staff clean, wipe surfaces, and sanitize as best as possible. Then they had cocktail hour with the next chosen set of family and friends with games, hors d’oeuvres, toasts, and music (if allowed) for a time, then again, “second shift” goes on their way, repeat cleaning, and “third shift” comes in where they can have dancing (if allowed), cocktails, late-night bites, casual mingling, and the sparkler send-off. Of course, that isn’t ideal, and hopefully not needed as we move into 2021 and 2022, but it is a great way to follow mandates, keep everyone safer by limiting groups, without sacrificing sharing your special day with all of those family and friends.

Multi-Platform Events: Although not unique, many are switching to multi-platform weddings where you invite a select group of guests – whether it be a minimal amount (immediate relatives only) or a smaller count of 50 people (or whatever is the mandate at the time) and continue as planned, but with a more intimate ceremony and reception for those in-person and set up a Zoom, Facebook Live, or similar outlets for those who want to be a part of your big day. There are several professionals, similar to a DJ, MC, or Videographers that can set-up and create a quality viewing from their professional equipment and tech-savvy skills without the dreaded rotated camera, blurry or shaky video, and hard-to-hear audio. We’ve attended a few of those, and they were actually a lot of fun. I was able to hear the nuptials, interact with other guests, and the couple set aside short blocks to interact and chat with some of the online attendees so they could engage in the fun as well.

Smaller Weddings: This one is pretty straight-forward.A few of our 2020 couples still followed-through with their wedding when smaller receptions or ceremonies were allowed, but on a smaller scale. Then are scheduling a larger reception and vow renewal on their 1-year anniversary to celebrate like their original vision with all of the guests they want to be invited. Here is where we come in with that option. If you decide you want to postpone, we transfer all dates, times, deposits, and reservations to the new date with no fee. We have a large team, so we have the benefit of being very flexible and making sure we are available with your new date. However, if you want to follow-through with your wedding, but on a smaller scale, we have discounts for small events AND we also have package discounts if you book a small reception with an anniversary party in tandem so you can celebrate on a larger scale. Message us HERE for more info.

Continue As Planned: This is a big hope for us all. We are hoping we can pick-up as normal – while still being mindful of sanitizing, safe practices, and proper procedures that help you have a safe wedding while still following any mandates if still in place.


Of course, we are using this time to clean and upgrade all of our supplies, equipment, and stay up-to-date on all protocols and requirements.

As noted above, we now offer small event discounts (40 or less) when mandates are in place – both with our stand-alone bar services and services with The Bustender. Along with small event discounts, we also offer our two-part event discount, where you book us for a smaller reception now followed by a larger event in the future.

Along with the discounts and updates, listed above and throughout the post, we have purchased an adorable teardrop trailer and customized it with taps with the ability to pour beer, cider, hard seltzer, wine, champagne, or batched cocktails and mocktails – all chilled to the proper temperature and great for self-serve bartending or a cute add-on with our services. What is great about this is that it is a quick set-up, easy to use, and cost-friendly if you can’t justify hiring a full Bartender and fully-stocking a bar for a small amount of guests. This will be available and ready for events by May 2021 – more photos coming soon!

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