Q: How does it work?
You pick a service package that works with your needs and budget, then our team works with you to determine what to serve and how much to buy, we handle all of the licensing and insurance needs, and prepare all of the supplies needed. Then we show up 1-2 hours before service time to begin set-up and chill alcohol. With most packages, we provide the ice, ice buckets, bar tools, general decor, signage if requested, and disposable or true glassware. If you have rented glassware from an outside source, or provide your own, we will gladly use glasses – however, we do not take responsibility for extra clean-up or loading/delivery.

Q: What does it cost?
Of course, each event is different – so please contact us for exact prices. However, for most events and services, we charge a one-day flat-rate for The Bustender itself, and then our required staffing is hired by the hour. The amount of Bartenders required is determined by the amount of guests attending. See our list of package options HERE.

Q: Do you sell alcohol?
No. We, as The Bustender do not sell alcohol of any kind. We simply serve the alcohol that has already been purchased by the host of the party (hosted bar). If you’d like to have a cash bar for private or large public events, we can coordinate with our partners at the Tracyton Public House who are properly-licensed to sell alcohol off-site where they provide the alcohol, and we provide The Bustender and with the proper staffing. For cash bars or non-hosted bars/events there is a sliding sales minimum to make sure all expenses are covered.

Q: Are you equipped to serve tap beer (kegs)?
Yes! We have space for 3 kegs – with an American sankey. All American “domestics” and most micros/crafts use this style of sankey (also called D-style coupler). If using a homebrews (Cornelius Kegs) or import keg, they will not work with our tap system. Not Sure? Check the list HERE  to see the most commonly distributed beers – if not listed, ask us or your salesperson before you buy!

Q: Do you carry insurance?
Yes, we carry general liability and liquor liability insurance to each event we serve.

Q: Where do you travel to?
We are currently based out of Kitsap County, Wa. – however, we do travel throughout the Puget Sound.

Q: What are the dimensions of the bar?
Fully open and set-up, The Bustender is 6.5-ft. wide (not counting optional bar rug and punch station) x 10-ft. high x 15-ft. long. When closed and driving, the bus is just shy of 6-ft. wide x 6.5-ft. high x 15-ft. long.

Q: Are there any requirements for service?
We require a flat ground for setup and service, and clear access upon set-up and break down to enter and leave the location. We begin set-up 1-2 hours before the scheduled start time. We can serve on a private property or designated rented venue.

Q: Where do you recommend getting the alcohol?
We are connected with several liquor stores, wineries, and local breweries and would be happy to connect you for your purchase.

Q: Do you service parties without alcohol?
Absolutely, we can serve mocktails or most beverages requested.

Q: Can I rent or borrow The Bustender for a photo shoot?
Yes! We are always willing to help with a stylized shoot.

Q: Can I staff The Bustender with my own Bartender, or am I required to use the provided staff?
Maybe. Although we prefer to use our staff, if a venue requires their in-house Bartenders to serve during your event, we are willing to work with both the host and venue to find a solution by “renting” The Bustender to the insured-venue where their in-house Bartenders will work, with a thorough before and after inspection to determine any damage of the bus

Q: Do you have a Rain Date Policy?
We cannot accommodate rain dates for your event due to our advance bookings. The host is responsible for any needed outdoor tents or acceptable indoor alternative.

Q: Are your Bartenders trained, licensed, and insured?
Yes! The Bustender team is made up of highly-trained and experienced Bartenders via Kitsap Bartending Services who are all Washington State-certified with Class-12 Permits. So we can help with quantity, popular brands of alcohol/mixers, and can help create a delicious menu. We can provide ideas for signature cocktails, or add-on any of our in-house signature mixes. We, as a whole, are insured for general and alcohol liability up to 2 million dollars – and is included with all of our services at no additional charge.

Q: I love The Bustender, but I only need a Bartender(s) for my event. Do you provide Bartenders without The Bustender?
Yes. The Bustender is owned and operated by Kitsap Bartending Services, and will happily put together a price quote and a list of everything that is included with services. You can view the pricing HERE.

Q: Do prices include a Banquet Permit or any other required permits?
Yes. Almost all of our packages include the state-required banquet permit at no additional charge, and we take care of the application and handling of any needed information by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB).

Contact us HERE for any further questions